Frequently Asked Questions

What is OVP?

OVP(OnlineVideoPlayer) is the easiest way to stream videos. It's simple, fast, and it's free.

How do I stream my video?

You just have to enter your URL and tap play to stream your video. We are regularly adding support for more websites.

What kind of formats can I Stream?

OnlineVideoPlayer supports all the major formats. Like m3u8, mp4, mp3, mkv etc.

How do I share videos?

You do not need to download and upload your video to any server. You can share videos buy just appending your URL at the end of

Example, if your URL is:

Sharable URL will be:

or you can share videos from last streamed section share button, once you have streamed your video.

I can't stream anything it says. Server failed/Invalid URL

Most of the time URL's are restricted to be played by the original website or the URL is not correct. If you are video URL is correct, please reach out to us with all the detail on our subreddit .

How can I request for support of a website

Reach out to us on our subredddit here.

Do you host videos in last streamed videos, funny and adult section?

We do not host these videos, we merely store video URL submitted by users and then they are filtered based on the website and title. It is an automatic process.